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I have been tutoring at UNSW since 2016. I also teach at the University of Sydney.



  • ECON3101: Markets and Frictions (T3 2023)
  • ECON2112: Game Theory and Business Strategy (T1, T3 2023)
  • ECON3123: Organisational Economics (T3 2023)
  • MATH1231: Mathematics 1B (T2 2023)
  • ECON1102: Macroeconomics 1 (T2 2023)
  • MATH1081: Discrete Mathematics (T1 2023)
  • MATH1131: Mathematics 1A (T1 2023)

University of Sydney:

  • ECOS3003: Hierarchies, Incentives and Firm Structure (S2 2023)


  • ECON2112: Game Theory and Business Strategy (T1 2016, T1 2017)
  • ECON2101: Intermediate Microeconomics (T2 2022)
  • ECON3121: Managerial Economics (T2 2017)


Honours thesis – random graph theory

GL Notes: My high school mathematics notes (still in progress!)

My Erdős number is 3 via Professor Catherine Greenhill


Bloom: A personal AI-powered economics tutor I’m building

HSC Economics Workbook (Buy it on Amazon): An economics workbook I authored

HSC Economics Examples and Statistics Sheet: A compilation of up-to-date examples and statistics which are sorted according to the HSC Economics syllabus

McKinsey Global Institute papers and articles I contributed to:


Here are some recommendations for some of the places I’ve been to.


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