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Me in 30 seconds

Hello, I’m Gary, born and bred in Sydney, Australia. I’m currently on a career break to travel, learn stuff and explore business ideas. In the meantime, I’m working on a bunch of different things including: teaching economics and mathematics at UNSW Sydney; independent consulting for startups; blockchain research;, a jobs platform for web3 and crypto; and a couple of e-commerce ventures.

Previously, I worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. I did a rotation through the McKinsey Global Institute thinktank, where I did research on the Future of Asian consumers, global flows and the African economy. While at university, I started and operated a high school tutoring business for 4 years, with a team of ~20 at its peak. I also worked at a low-code automation startup, and had stints at an investment bank and a high frequency trading firm.

I studied economics and pure mathematics at UNSW Sydney. I wrote an Honours thesis in graph theory, and have jointly published a paper based on the results.

I’m gradually publishing my high school notes online and have authored an economics workbook for Year 12 students.

Interests: mathematics, economics, education, teaching and learning, theory and applications of AI, web3/crypto, quantum computing, consumer behaviour, e-commerce, business strategy and competition, travelling and exploring new cultures

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